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I was working at a retirement community as the painter when units became vacant.  After being there for almost 2 years, I asked for a raise and the manager turned me down and said I would have to seek other work and quit my job.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do and had to move back in with my mother.  I renovated the garage and moved in. After about 2 months I couldn’t find work and was starting to feel the pressure when I got a phone call from the same retirement home I worked for asking if I could come paint just a couple of rooms.  I explained that I was not licensed and they said it was okay that I could work under their license.

Well after a couple of months of doing that every week a couple became 4 or 5 then 7 or 8 and so on.  And the company continued to use my skills while I decided to get my contractors license and now 12 years later, I still work for myself and have employees of my own.  Still to this day I work at the same retirement home when they need paint work done.


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